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Emergency Vehicle License Plate Kits

Posted by Nicholas on

Perhaps one of the simplest emergency vehicle warning light additions, is that of a license plate emergency warning light kit. The license plate mounting style eliminates one of the most difficult decisions when choosing a vehicle warning light, which is where to mount it! The license plate emergency vehicle light broadcasts the center of the vehicle and can be the most noticeable or most importantly first noticeable emergency vehicle light.


At we have several options to choose from. For extremely bright high output with well engineered optics we offer the Feniex Fusion License Plate Kit. The Feniex Fusion license plate kit consists of two Feniex Fusion Surface Mount LED Warning Lights and a Feniex Fusion License Plate bracket, all for one low price.


For a more affordable option, with slim style optics, we off the 8EVP emergency vehicle license plate light kits. The first variation is the 8EVP ELPF4 Emergency Vehicle Warning Light License Plate Kit. This kit contains 4 8EVP EOS106 Emergency Vehicle Lights and a plastic 8EVP integrated controller bracket.


For tighter installations with less clearances 8EVP offers the 8EVP ELPF2 Emergency Vehicle License Plate Kit. With smaller dimensions than the ELPF4, The ELPF2 contains 2 8EVP EOS106 Emergency Vehicle LED Lights on plastic bracket with an integrated controller.


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