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Three (3) Level Warning Light System and Why you need it!

Posted by Nicholas on

Here at Defender Product Solutions, LLC ( visibility and safety are crucial topics when designing and outfitting an emergency vehicle. Therefore, we recommend a 3-level emergency warning light package. A 3-level warning light package will properly display emergency vehicle warning lights on the top, bottom, and furthest outboard location (typically tail lights).


Basic SUV system:

(View from front)

High- rooftop or windshield mounted light bar. Feniex 49” Full size Light Bar or Feniex Fusion Interior Visor Light Bar.

Mid- Headlight flasher or Corner headlight hide-a-way LED or Grill warning lights. Perfect for Feniex Fusion Surface Mounts LEDs, Feniex Fusion Light Sticks or a pair of Feniex Cannon 120

Low-lower fascia/fog light area. Perfect for a pair Feniex Cannon 120

(View from side)

High-rooftop light bar. Feniex 49” full size light bar.

Mid- lights in rear quarter windows or passenger windows. Feniex Fusion Surface Mount LEDs or Feniex Fusion 200 LED light stick.

Low- lights along the rocker panel. Feniex Rocker Panel LED light stick.

(View from rear)

High- spoiler/rear window mounted lights. Feniex Fusion Spoiler Mount or Feniex Fusion 200, Feniex Fusion 400, Feniex Fusion 600 or Feniex Fusion 800 depending on size requirements.


Mid- Tail light flasher/lights mounted to license plate bracket/corner hide-a-way LED. Feniex Fusion Surface Mounts and/or Feniex Fusion license plate bracket kit or Feniex Cannon 120’s. or 8EVP ELPF4 EOS106 Emergency Vehicle License Plate Kit


Low- lower rear bumper cover. Feniex Fusion Surface Mounts LEDs or Feniex Cannon 120.


3-level warning light packages offer superior visibility and sends a message to oncoming drivers indicating size and location of your vehicle. Oncoming traffic will be able to distinguish the width of your vehicle and the amount of lane blockage when your vehicle is equipped with lights in the most-outboard locations (Taillights/corner of bumpers). When cresting a hill or transitioning around a bend, 3 level warning systems offers great visibility and forewarning to oncoming traffic, allowing them to slow down and move over.

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