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Ford Utility SoundOff Signal nForce Light bar

Posted by Nicholas on

If you haven't heard the news, DefenderPS is now an authorized SoundOff Signal Dealer for Eastern Missouri (St. Louis). We had the opportunity to build a new 2017 Ford Utility vehicle using some of our new SoundOff Signal equipment.


This Ford Utility is using the SoundOff Signal nForce Dual Color 48" Lightbar. This bar is extremely impressive! It was ordered as a Red/White & Blue/White in the front modules and Red/Amber & Blue/Amber in the rear modules. We connected the light bar to SoundOff Signals Light bar software and programmed the features up! We enabled the full front full white leds as well as take down modules. In the rear we have the standard red/blue flash pattern with an optional user enabled amber arrow. We were pretty excited to set up our favorite mode which is the cruise mode. The cruise mode lights the whole bar in red and blue. Officer Presence with out being overwhelming!

Around the outside we put two Dual color Feniex Fusion led's in the grille. The white mode is synced to the take down lights providing extra white light! In the rear tail lights we put two white Feniex Cannon 120s.


On the inside we used the SoundOff Signal nErgy Console Siren. The finishing touch is a Setina Vehicle Specific rear partition.


Here is a short video of the equipment and options:

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