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2017 Chevrolet Traverse SoundOff Signal Police Package

Posted by Nicholas on

We had the unique opportunity to build a 2017 Chevrolet Traverse for one of our local university's. The vehicle was to be outfitted a full police package and marked.

For the lighting equipment we used a SoundOff Signal dual color nForce exterior light bar. The bar sports 1/2 red & 1/2 blue in front and rear. The secondary color in the front is white and in the rear is amber. SoundOff Signal mPower and nFOrce


The front provides a full 180 degree white flood mode which makes for a great scene light. The rear being amber provides a directional area that can operate with or without the full emergency lighting on. Also a cool piece of equipment was we used the SoundOff Signal Xtrafit Mounting strap kit for the nForce Light bar. Essentially a seat belt type of material, it contours nicely to the roof of the Traverse.

SoundOff Signal Xtrafit Bracket

 In front we installed two single color 4" SoundOff Signal mPower Fascia 4 6-LED lights. The lights fit nice and snug between the grill louvers making for a great grill led warning light. We put 2 more SoundOff Signal mPower Fascia 4 6-LED lights in the rear window for rear warning. We mounted two SoundOff Signal mPower Quick Mount Fascia 3's with white housing, on the rear bumper. We went with the Fascia 3 as it is a 3" light and had better change to contour to the bumper better. It worked fantastic. Less holes in the bumper!

 SoundOff Signal mPower Fascia

All the exterior lights are tied together to utilize a cruise mode, which easily one of our favorite options.


Inside the vehicle, for a control we used the SoundOff Signal nErgy 400 Handheld Remote Siren. Due to the clients choice of retaining the civilian style console, a handheld remote is the only thing that made sense. Using SoundOffs programming software we were able to get the nErgy 400 Handheld to preform all the functions the client desired.

SoundOff Signal nErgy 400 Handheld


For the rifle rack we used a Weiser Solutions, WEI-003 with a handcuff/universal locking mechanism. The rack was able to be fastened to the track of the sliding 2nd row seats.

Weiser Solutions Universal Rifle Rack


All the vehicle's wiring was run to the rear compartment and tied up neatly.

Defender Product Solutions, LLC's Installation


**note we added the mPower Fascia 3 with the white housing later so some of our pictures and video won't have them installed.

SoundOff Signal mPower Fascia 3 White Housing

 Check out the full build at:


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