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About us

Defender Product Solutions, LLC was started to fill a void in the public safety market in St. Louis, MO. With over 10 years of law enforcement and fleet management experience, we understand firsthand the lack of easily accessible products and methods available to public safety workers. There are plenty of companies and products out there, but few SOLUTIONS. Our hands on training and experience has helped us develop credibility for finding the best products.


There are many products on the market with the goal to make First Responders and road workers safer. Defender Product Solutions, LLC is linking up police, fire, EMT's, construction, public works and many other professions with various products, ideas and solutions to make their job safer.


Our DRIVE is not about selling some flashing lights. It’s about the right products for the right vehicles in the right places to keep you safe! When you leave our store or purchase a product online, our goal is that you are safer than before.


We provide emergency vehicle services and equipment for law enforcement departments, fire departments, EMS, Ambulances, construction workers, tow companies, escort and pilot vehicles, ATVs,  and many other fields. We also carry collapsible cones, led flares and traffic batons. If it has to do with safety, we carry it.


We have our web store of which ships anywhere in the USA. We also do mobile installation services in the St. Louis Region, including St. Louis City, St. Louis County County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County and beyond.


If you need emergency vehicle equipment installation services in St. Louis, MO, Call us we'll be happy to come to you and help!


Reach out to us at: Nick's E-mail or Zach's E-mail or on Instagram and also Twitter