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Aervoe Super Road Flare

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LED technology has advanced everything from televisions to emergency vehicle lighting. How many older television shows or movies have you seen with broken down 1970s vehicles and some incendiary flares surrounding it. Fast forward to todays LED driven world and…… whaaaat? Incendiary flares are still used by the majority of the USA. Why? There a varying reasons to why, such as unawareness LED flares even exist. When non-Incendiary flares first came to the market they were incandescent lights and performed poorly. This earned non-incendiary based flares a bad rap. Most incendiary flares are 30 minute burn times. This means on major scenes you are, pardon the pun, burning through flares quickly. LED flares can set and forget for hours, allowing you to tend to the scene.  I’m going to show you an LED flare and how it can benefit you!


Enter one of the best LED flares we’ve had our hands on, the Aervoe Super Road Flare. Aervoe have a few varieties of the LED flares including a Aervoe Univesal  Road Flare and Aervoe Classic Road Flare. The Aervoe Classic Road Flare has a single row of LEDs and runs on 2 AA. The Aervoe Universal Road Flare is a single row LED with a rechargeable battery.


Common features in the Aervoe Flare line include 7 flash patterns, rubber sealed body, crush proof, water proof and magnetic bases.


I am going to focus on the Aervoe Super Road Flare. It is shaped in a hexagon and surrounded by either an orange or yellow rubber casing and in the hand the casing feels solid and of high quality. The Super Road Flare features two rows of LEDs for optimal warning angles. The bottom of the flare is magnetic base and two contacts for charging. Each flare is serial numbered for inventory tracking. The top houses the Power and Flash pattern change button.

Aervoe Super LED Road Flare

The battery for the Super Road Flare is a Lithium Polymer 1200 mAH ~ 3.7V output. The packaging contains a 120V AC charger and a 12V DC car charger. The flare can be full charged in about ~4 hours according to the documentation; however I have seen quicker results.  Each flare weighs in at about 8oz.

Aervoe Super LED Road Flare Box Contents


The Flash patterns for the Aervoe Super Road contain 7 options with varying battery lifes: #1 - REVERSE ROTATE (8 HOURS), #2 - QUAD FLASH (10 HOURS), #3 - ALTERNATING BLINK (8 HOURS),  #4 - QUICK FLASH (8 HOURS), #5 - S.O.S. RESCUE (MORSE CODE, 8 HOURS),  #6 - STEADY ON (6 HOURS), and  #7 - 4-LED MARKER LIGHT( 9 HOURS).


Check out our video of flash patterns here:

If you are interested in finding out more, here is a link to one of the products above, the Aervoe Super Road Flare.


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