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Aervoe Universal Road Flare, 4 Pack Charging Station

Aervoe Universal Road Flare 4-Pack with Charging Station - LED Flare


  • $239.79


  • Pictured Amber LED-Yellow Safety Casing


    DPS Description:

    Like the Aervoe Super Road Flare, The Aervoe Universal Road Flare is easily one of our favorite products. Gone are the days of sulfur burning road flares, replaced by these LED Flares. The easy convenience of  removing the Aervoe Univseral Road Flare from your vehicle, push the on button and set it down. Or pair with Aervoe Collapsible Cones and the Flare Holder and get a great safety combination.


    Immediately upon removing the Aervoe Universal Flare from the package we were struck on how sturdy it felt. There is no doubt it will be able to take the punishment of the roads, getting driven over and thrown.


    With a rechargeable battery and magnetic base this flare is ready when you are, with no FLAMES! Use the flare on the ground, with the Aervoe Collapsible cones, stick it on your car or a disabled car. The most flexible flare on the market!


    Pictured is the Amber LED flare which comes with a safety yellow rubberized coating. Also available is a Red LED flare which comes with a Safety Orange rubberized coating. Know exactly what color flare your holding by its exterior color!


    For other options, Check out the single Aervoe Super Road Flare. Or the 4 pack Aervoe Super Road Flares with the carrying case.


    Got a big scene? Check out the Traffic Control Kit which has everything you need for the big scenes.


    Manufacturers Description:

    Aervoe's Universal Road Flare Kit contains 4 extremely durable, rechargeable 18-LED flares that are a safe alternative to incendiary flares.  These flares are smokeless, flameless, non-toxic, waterproof, crushproof and come with an impact resistant rubber housing.  Visible up to 1 mile.

    The metal charging/storage stand is mountable to any vertical or horizontal surface. A velcro strap keeps all flares secure in the stand. It may be charged 2 different ways.  1. Plugged directly into your vehicle's 12V electrical system or 2. plug into any 120V electrical wall socket.  Both charging methods are included. When using the 12V power cord option, installation should only be handled by a certified vehicle mechanic.


    7 Flash Patterns:

    • Rotate
    • Quad Flash
    • Alternating Blinks
    • Quick Flash
    • S.O.S. Rescue (Morse Code)
    • Steady On
    • 3-LED Marker Light
    • Operating Temp. 14°F- 122°F (-10 °C - 50°C)

    Patent #D707,146 & #9,046.229

    Applications:  May be used in any weather condition.  Ideal for road safety identification by emergency responders, or for personal vehicle operators as an emergency signaling device. May also be used on construction sites, in marine applications for boater emergency safety. Place on the road, any magnetic surface, in the water, and much more.

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