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SoundOff Signal nForce Chief's Tahoe

This build is a little unique! It certainly is not unusual to work on a Chervrolet Tahoe. Most of the time though, it is the Chevrolet Tahoe PPV. This build is for a chief and is his daily driver. Opting for a few more comfort options, the non-PPV was purchased. That makes our work a little more difficult but it was no sweat!


The equipment we will be putting in this vehicle is:

SoundOff Signal nForce Interior Light Bar for Chevrolet Tahoe (Front)

SoundOff Signal nForce Interior Light Bar with Chrevolet Tahoe rear Windshield shroud (rear)

4x SoundOff Signal mPower Fascia 4 Single Color grille LED

on a Vehicle Specific SoundOff mPower Fascia Chevrolet Tahoe Grille Bracket

SoundOff Signal nErgy 400 Handheld Siren

SoundOff Signal 100N Composite Speaker

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2017 Ford Utility SoundOff Signal, HG2 and Feniex Build

Our latest feature emergency vehicle build includes many great products. This was a fun car to build and it looks absolutely slick!


On the outside of the Ford Utility sits the SoundOff Signal nForce Dual Color Lightbar. The SoundOff nForce Light bar has all of the modern features including, cruise mode, takedown, full flood scene lights and arrow stick capability!


In the grill we used the SoundOff Signal mPower Fascia 3, which is the 3" version of the SoundOff Signal mPower Fascia family. The light also comes in SoundOff Signal mPower Fascia 4, which is a 4" light. The Fascia 3 fits perfectly into the Ford Utility grill cutouts. The mPower Fascia 3 in this vehicle also has the cruise mode function.


In the corner of the headlights is the SoundOff Signal Ghost LED. We kept it white in color for maximum attention getting. What is neat about this set up is the SoundOff Signal Ghost is a split color light. We used white on both halves which gives it a neat, back and forth police strobe light effect.


On the sides of the vehicle we used the HG2 Emergency Lighting SideRunner Lights. This was our first time using these lights on a vehicle and we are impressed! You can order the HG2s but contacting us via E-mail (special order for now until we get them on the website).


The backend of the corner sports the Feneix Fusion 200 in the quarter windows.


The rear end has a Feniex Fusion 600 Light stick mounted to the hatch. Two Feniex Cannon 120s in the rear tail light. The license plate consists of two SoundOff Signal mPower Fascia 4 which is the same light we mentioned above. The Fascia 4 is attached to the SoundOff Signal License Plate bracket specifically for Fascia Lights.


Inside the vehicle, the lights are controlled by a SoundOff Signal nErgy 400 Remote Siren. These are a breeze to install with the plug and play capability. The Customer will be installing his own radio so a space was left for it. The console is a Havis Vehicle Specific 1308-INUT, which was easy to install!
A Setina full front and rear partition, prisoner cage was installed as well.
We hid all of our wiring on a custom made carpeted panel, which mounts on the Setina Rear Partition between the rear seat.



That wraps up our recent featured install. If you have a project you'd like us to help you with, let us know. We proudly make the best emergency vehicles in St. Louis and the surrounding region. All SoundOff equipment can be purchased on our website or via e-mail the store contact page!

SoundOff Signal has some amazing products!

It has been awhile since our last blog post. We have been busy building police cars. If you remember a few months back we became an Authorized SoundOff Signal Dealer. Our area consists of the eastern side of Missouri including St. Louis. Since becoming a dealer we have been trying to put SoundOff Signal on as many cars as we can.

We have have fallen in love with SoundOff Signal's emergency light product line. Let me preface this by saying, SoundOff doesn't pay us anything to gush over them like this. We chose to become a SoundOff dealer and we aren't looking back. Of the emergency vehicle's we have built with SoundOff, we have had no product failures! Their engineering standards seem to be on point! They make great emergency vehicle lights.


We know that price is a big contention with a lot users in the public safety industry. I know that when you see a SoundOff Signal nForce Surface Mount Single Color for $97 and then you see a cheaper emergency vehicle light you're instantly drawn to the cheap product. I get it and I don't blame you for that. Ultimately at the end of the day you have to decide what is right for your vehicle, agency, and safety. SoundOff Signal lights come with a 5 year warranty! From what we have seen thus far, you won't need. Those cheaper lights won't have that kind of coverage. To me SoundOff Lights are worth every penny. We have been installing the nForce Light Bar, the nErgy  Remote Siren, the nErgy Handheld siren and where ever we can the mPower Fascia series.


We also carry Feniex products if you're on a tight budget. Feniex produces a good light and is also backed with a 5 year warranty on their lights. If you have room in the budget, go SoundOff, you won't be disappointed!