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Feniex Fusion 600 Light Stick (Single Color)


  • $289.00


  • DPS Description:

    The Feniex Fusion 600 LED Light Stick (single color) is not your normal light stick! These lights serve as warning lights, traffic directors, or work lights.  The Feniex Fusion 600 has two modes as it can function as warning patterns on mode 1 then switch to mode 2 for amber traffic director or white flood/work lights.  The Feniex Fusion 600 LED Light Stick can be configured in multiple color combinations, as well as, 40 degree and 180 degree optics.  This light stick can be mounted inside or outside utilizing many brackets offered by Feniex, including L-bracket, swivel bracket, window mount or universal mount. This light can be mounted almost anywhere as it is less than an inch and a half.



    Feniex Fusion LED light sticks are the most innovative, versatile and brightest lights in emergency vehicle lights. Feniex Fusion LED light sticks allow for customization of installation and meet budget requirements, the length is driven by how much you have to spend. With over 25 to 75 flash patterns to choose from and a sturdy, weatherproof frame, this emergency light stick is ready to help you clean the road fast and get you to your destination in lighting speed. Interested in additional lighting? The light stick series is also offered in 200, 400 and 800, in addition to the Rocker Panel. The Fusion series offers emergency lights that take the best of both the 180 and 40 degree optics.


    Control these lights with a Feniex 4200 Controller or Feniex Mini Controller


    Note: In some states possession or operation of certain color lighting is prohibited. Please check your local laws.



    Interchangeable 180° or 40° light spread optics per module

    Available in single color or dual color

    Four bracket options: -Rotating -Headliner -Single L-Bracket -Double L-Bracket

    Capabilities: -1 programmable mode for single color -2 programmable modes for dual color -Directional Patterns -Takedown or Work-Light -Flood Mode for dual color

    57 flash patterns for dual color

    16 flash patterns for single color

    Rugged weather-resistant enclosure

    Available Colors: R, B, A, W, G, RW, BW, AW, AR, AB, RB

    Encased in Rugged, aluminum extrusion



    Product Number #FN-0616 (single color), #FN-0616D (dual color)

    Warranty 5 Years

    Certifications SAE J595, CT13, SAE J1119

    Input voltage 12VDC

    Current Draw: 4A

    Dimensions: 1.22" H x 28.14" L x 2.25" W

    Cable Harness length: 10 Feet

    Single Color: 36 high power 4 Watt Cree LED’s

    Dual Color: 72 high power 4 Watt Cree LED’s

    Made in the USA



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