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LED Road Flares Vs Incendiary Road Flares

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Aervoe Super LED Road Flare

An often over looked aspect to public safety is what to do after you have arrived on scene. This is equally as dangerous as trying to arrive at the emergency scene safely. For many years the go to method was to park your vehicle in the traffic lane to attempt to block traffic and then deploy some flares and cones.


While the general concept has not changed much the technology sure has. Obviously the first step to managing a safe emergency scene is to properly position your vehicle. After that, traditionally incendiary flares were lit and spaced to coordinate traffic patterns away from the scene. Many times, orange rubber safety cones or traffic cones were used in conjunction with the road flares.


There were many cons associated with incendiary road flares with no real alternatives until now. Advances in LED technology have brought LED road flares to the market.


The problems with incendiary road flares are:

  • Flammable causing difficulty in storage, transporting and purchasing.
  • Many Produce perchlorate, a now recognized health hazard.
  • Some brands have come out with ‘eco-friendly’ flares which are designed to eliminate perchlorate production.
  • Short Light Life. Incendiary flares have finite lifespan usually of 15, 20, or 30 minute burn times. This means having to reignite new flares to flares old flares.
  • Possibility of being ‘snuffed’ out when a vehicle runs over the exposed flame.
  • Difficult to extinguish with the potential to ignite roadside foliage


One of the companies that have tackled these problems is Aervoe Industries. Aervoe produces LED Road Flares, Traffic vests and Collapsible Traffic Cones (Collapsible Safety Cones). Defender Product Solutions is pleased to carry Aervoe’s products.



The Aervoe LED Road Flares come in a couple varieties:

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The Aervoe Collapsible Cone line include:


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There are numerous advantages of LED Road Flares, specifically Aervoe’s LED Flares, over incendiary flares.


Aervoe LED Flare Advantages:

  • Non-flammable allowing for easier storage and handling
  • No Harmful chemicals
  • 360° lighting output
  • Rechargeable batteries with a run time of 8+ hours per charge
  • Reusable after each scene
  • Tough casing can withstand vehicle drive-overs.
  • Easy push button start and flash pattern selection
  • Magnetic base can stick to vehicles
  • Suitable for marine applications: waterproof and floats!
  • Costs spread out along a much longer product lifetime


We’ll be putting up a more thorough review of the Aervoe Road Flares soon! Thanks for Reading!

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