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Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights & Equipment

Defender Product Solutions, LLC

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Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights and Equipment


Here at Defender Product Solutions, LLC (, we have one goal in mind. That goal is safety! We're not here to sell some things on the internet. We have worked in Law Enforcement, We have worked in Public Works. We know the job and we know whats on the line. The purpose of this store is to provide a central place where Police, Fire, Paramedics, EMS, Tow Truck Drivers, Construction workers, Public Works and everyone else that spends their jobs on the roadways, can find safety equipment. If a product is not listed here, contact us, let us know what you want and we WILL find it. We carry everything from Lightbars, LED Warning lights, Sirens to Cones, Flares and Safety Vests! Technology is advancing and it is difficult to keep up. Let us do the work of finding the products and be your Solution for Safety.


About Defender Product Solutions, LLC

We have over a decade of experience with Emergency Vehicles and Fleet Management. We're based in St. Louis, Missouri. We are providing the St. Louis Region with unmatched emergency vehicle installation services. Don't pay big bucks to an installer that doesn't value your business. Allow us to give your personnel and your vehicle the attention to detail they deserve. Our main goal is to keep police officers, firefighters, paramedics, Tow Operators, Construction workers and everyone else whose job relies on Emergency Vehicle Lighting safe.


We have physically handled the products out there. We have used them in emergency situations. That experience can not be matched by those who have not performed the tasks in the field. We are a proud USA owned and operated emergency vehicle and public safety equipment company.  You won't find any knock-off foreign, house brand, cheap emergency vehicle lights here. We only carry brands we trust like SoundOff Signal, Feniex, 8EVP, Setina, Rigid, Whelen, Brooking and Aervoe. We want to help you in any way possible, in what can be a very confusing industry. This is your life, let us protect it. We are the Solution.