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Not Just A Red and Blue Company!

Posted by Nicholas on

Being in Law Enforcement it is easy for me to get caught up in the allure of Red and Blue Lights. Many public safety equipment companies focus on this area. Red and Blue Lights get the most attention as it is commonly the first thing people think about in regard to Public Safety. While I use Red and Blue lights nearly daily, the importance of the well lit amber vehicle is not lost on me! As I drive around I often remark to myself how good some construction vehicles look lit up. When I come across a poorly lit one, I worry about its occupants. Its hard to get people to yield with red and blue, I can only imagine the difficulty of construction zones.


Often over looked in the lighting field is the Amber and White market. The amber crowd doesn't get the sexy advertising from the manufacturers as the R/B crowd; but there are many, many more Construction, Public Works, Tow trucks, Snow Plows, Landscapers out there than firetrucks and police cars. Most manufacturers are researching new products for the Red/Blue side and applying those new technologies to the Amber side. Gone are the days of old, dim rotary style beacon lights! Most Red and Blue variants also now come in Amber and White.


What's my point? With as many amber vehicles on the street, the impact of their lighting to Public Safety is many times more than red and blue. The odds of coming across a construction vehicle are significantly higher than a police car or fire truck. With more exposure to the motoring public the higher the chances of accidents. A well lit vehicle will lower those chances making you and the public more safe! Lets face amber does not get the respect from drivers that red and blue does. You have to try that much harder to be seen than police or fire. If a well lit truck prevents you from getting hit just once, its done its job!


There are many options to light up a construction or landscaping truck! Need help picking something out? Email me at or shoot Zach one at

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