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Havis 2013-2017 Ford Standard Interior Police Interceptor Utility Vehicle Specific 21" Console



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Part # C-VS-1308-INUT


Product Details:

  • 21" vehicle specific console for 2013-2017 Ford standard interior Police Interceptor Utility vehicle replaces Ford OEM tunnel plate without permanent modification (OEM tunnel plate must be removed)
  • Does not work in Police Interceptor Utility with interior upgrade package (Ford option code 65U) must use C-VS-1200-INUT or C-VS-2400-INUT console for interior upgrade package
  • Vehicle specific design provides 13" of angled equipment bracket space in the front and 8" horizontal equipment bracket space in the rear of the console
  • Designed to accept keyboard mount options and most standard accessories
  • Vehicle mounting kit included - no drilling required
  • Includes one (1) additional 12volt socket
  • Includes filler plates (FP) and/or equipment brackets (EB) to completely enclose mounting area less internal mount options
  • Includes knockout for optional OEM rear wire conduit
  • C-CUP2-I cup holder, C-AP-0325 accessory pocket and C-ARM-103 arm rest recommended (sold separately)
  • Accepts C-HDM-204, C-HDM-214, C-SM-SA, C-SM-SA-1 and C-SM-SA-1-HD computer mounts
  • Accepts C-CUP2-I-A11 internal 11 degree angled dual cup holder (sold separately) mounts in forward angled section
  • Works with C-DMM-123



  • Overall measurements = 9" high x 9' wide x 28.25" long (including forward trim panel)
  • Accepts C-HDM-204, C-HDM-214, C-SM-SA, C-SM-SA-1 and C-SM-SA-1-HD computer mounts
  • See side view drawing min/max for mounting depth allowed for control heads and/or options
  • Gross Weight: 26.00 lbs

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