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Feniex Hammer


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    "Feel the noise" Grab the attention of distracted motorists and pedestrians with the Feniex Hammer, an ultra-clear, low-frequency siren. The Hammer produces powerful sound waves to help emergency responders clear intersections quickly and safely. The Feniex Hammer features the latest in low-frequency technology: the all-in-one system includes a built-in siren, amplifier and speaker. The system receives siren tones, reduces them to 1/4 of the incoming frequency then replays them through the 6'' speaker. The result is powerfully clear and consistent dual-frequency outputs. This American-made product is built Texas-tough at our headquarters and manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas.



  • -All-in-one system includes a built-in siren, amplifier and speaker
  • -True 100 watt siren amplifier
  • -7 self-activated tones: Phaser (Mode 1 Default), Slow Yelp (Mode 2 Default), PCall Slow (Mode 3 Default), Wail, Mechanical, Hi-Lo, Hammer
  • -Weatherproof and corrosion-resistant
  • -Compatible with every siren on the market
  • -Mount on any vehicle with included universal bracket
  • -5 additional brackets available for custom mounts
  • -Easy installation with 8-pin wire harness

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