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Aervoe LED Safety & Traffic Vest

Aervoe LED Safety & Traffic Vest


  • $43.20


  • Manufacturer's Description:

    The Aervoe LED Safety Vest is constructed to meet ANSI Class 2 specifications. It is made of a 100% Polyester high-visibility mesh material.  This vest is appropriate for moderate-risk environments including poor weather conditions and traffic approaching over 25 MPH.  The LEDs increase visibility from just reflective tape alone.

    • Heavy-duty metal zipper
    • Adjustable sides with hook and loop straps 
    • Two vertical 2" reflective stripes run front to back over the shoulders and one horizontal stripe runs across the waist
    • 8 LED lights (4 front and 4 back) are embedded in the vertical reflective tape
    • 2-AA batteries are required to operate the LED lights (not included). 100 hour run time.


      Applications include; surveying, highway and road construction, utility work, and emergency response.

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