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8EVP EOS 104 Surface Mount LED

Eight EVP

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    Note: In some states possession or operation of certain color lighting is prohibited. Please check your local laws.



    The above video is of the 8EVP EOS 6, which operates identically to the EOS 4.


    Available in red, blue, amber, white, green and Single or Split colors
    3 3/4"(96mm) x 1 1/8"(30mm) x 3/8"(10mm)
    4 x generation 3,  3 watt high intensity LED's
    Super low profile design, sits 3/8" high
    10-30 Volts DC, 40 flash patterns
    Synchronization in and out of phase, Cruise mode, and Dim functions for both warning modes and Cruise mode
    Includes mounting hardware
    SAEJ595 Class 1, CA Title 13, IP67


    DPS Description

    The 8 EVP EOS Emergency Vehicle Warning Light comes in several different varieties. Offered in a 4 LED and a 6 LED (8EVP EOS 6 Emergency Warning Light) variation that allows for split coloring. Both variations come in a remarkably thin 3/8ich low profile housing. Clear polycarbonate lensing helps prevents yellowing of the lens offering years of service for your warning light. With a rigid coated aluminum base and IP67 Waterproofing rating this warning light is perfect for any spot on your vehicle.


    For a small affordable light, the Eight EVP EOS shines with features. Gone are the days of the old halogens and strobes. It features a dimming mode that allows the light to dim to 80% on command. LED lighting has revolutionized the Emergency Vehicle Warning Light market. The lights are so bright that we are now finding out during nighttime there is such a thing as too much light. That is easily avoided with the dim mode of the 8EVP EOS.


    Easily becoming a favorite feature among law enforcement is the cruise mode. More and More LED manufactures are incorporating this feature into their warning light products. On command the light will steady burn for those times you want to be seen, but not overwhelm. This feature is pair-able with the above mentioned cruise mode. Select the '8EVP Cruise-Flash' flash pattern and you have a really neat effect. The emergency warning light is always steady burning at 5% but will give a few flashes of light to announce itself! Check out our video above!


    And of course, the light operates a standard warning mode in which you can select from 40 flash patterns. Many of which can mimic the attention getting flash of emergency warning strobe lights. It can also sync with other 8EVP products such as the 8EVP EOS6 Slim Surface Mount LED and the 8EVP EOS License Plate Kit.


    You are going to be hard pressed to find a more affordable emergency warning light for your vehicle that has all of these features. This light is great for police lights, firetruck and volunteer firefighting POV lights, construction vehicle lights, tow truck lights and public works.


    Quick Overview:

    At 3/8 inch (10mm) thick the EOS warning light is designed to fit in those tight spots where a normal warning light just will not go.

    The lens is made from Polycarbonate with the best UV stabilizers for many years of that crystal clear look.

    The base is coated aluminum for strength and is waterproof rated at IP67.


    Dim mode: light output is dimmed to 80% for night work.

    Cruise mode: a lower output steady burn for cruising with the lights on but not flashing. Cruise mode also dims

    Flash patterns include the all new Eight EVP cruise-flash™. A flash pattern that has the light always visible with 5% light output between flashes, an industry first.

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