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8EVP ELPF4 EOS License Plate Kit - 4 LED Lights

Eight EVP

  • $297.00


  • Most popular colors listed above. We can do other arrangements not listed. Click here to email us.

    Note: In some states possession or operation of certain color lighting is prohibited. Please check your local laws.



    Available in red, blue, amber, white and Green Single or Split colors
    13 7/16 inches (340mm) x 6 3/4 inches (171mm) x 1inch (25mm)
    24 x generation 3,  3 watt high intensity LED's
    12 Volts DC, 40 flash patterns
    Synchronization, in and out of phase, Cruise mode, and Dim functions for flash patterns and Cruise mode.
    5 Year warranty
    SAEJ595 Class 1, CA Title 13, IP67


    DPS Description:

    The 8EVP ELPF4 License Tag Frame LED Emergency Light is a license plate mounting kit that integrates the 8EVP EOS 6 LED light onto a rectangular frame. A controller is hidden away inside the plate frame providing synchronization between the four 8EVP EOS 6's. With 40 flash patterns you are sure to find one you like. Many of which can mimic the attention getting flash of emergency warning strobe lights.

    Since this Kit includes the 8EVP Eos 106 LED warning lights, you have the same features as a standalone 8EVP EOS 106 Warning Light. Gone are the days of the old halogens and strobes. That includes the dimming function, when commanded decreases the light output to 80%. This is helpful at night to avoid blinding oncoming drivers. Cruise mode which steady burns all the warning lights; makes a nice warning without being overwhelming. If you need a little attention getting, utilize the '8EVP Cruise Flash Pattern' and have a steady burning light at 5% with an attention getting flash now and then. This light also syncs with other 8EVP Emergency Vehicle Warning Light products such as the 8EVP EOS 104 LED Warning Light and the 8EVP EOS 106 LED Warning Light


    With High Light output, low cost. We love this license plate light here at Defender Product Solutions. We can tell you first hand this warning light looks amazing on a Police Traffic Enforcement Car. This light is great for police lights, firetruck and volunteer firefighting POV lights, construction vehicle lights, tow truck lights and public works.


    Some considerations do need to be considered prior to purchasing this kit. The clearances are TIGHT on some vehicles so be sure to verify the dimensions on the SPECS tab above in relation to your rear plate if that is the desired location. Mounting on Front plates have less, if any dimensional restrictions.


    Our Demo vehicle in the above vehicle, a 2016 GMC Sierra was not able to mount the kit to the rear plate without modification. The front mounted flawlessly.


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