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Aervoe Flex-Fit Tripod for LED Flares

Aervoe Flex-Fit Tripod for Aervoe LED Flares (2-pack)


  • $21.88


  • Flares not included!!!


    Manufacturer's Description:

    Sturdy metal tripod holds any Aervoe LED Road Flare off the ground for greater visibility. Using the magnet embedded in the flare, the tripod will hold them securely on uneven ground and in moderately severe weather.
    Switchable metal cap:

    1. Cup side holds the Aervoe Baton Flare upright
    2. Flat side holds the “puck” style flares such as the Aervoe Super Road Flare
    Flexible legs adjust to uneven terrain or can be used as a
    post to insert into the top of safety cones for additional


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